We like what we’re hearing…

Filed under: Top Stories — John B. Bryans @ 4:41 pm

It was great to hear HBO Programming Head Michael Lombardo’s comments about Boardwalk Empire during last week’s spate of renewal announcements from the network.

As reported in the New York Times and elsewhere, while HBO’s full development pipeline is expected to present the network with some tough choices in the coming months, Boardwalk Empire is one project that looks almost certain to make the air.

The Futon Critic (a dynamite resource) not only got the news out a day earlier than the NYT but provided the most complete quote about Boardwalk Empire. According to TFC, when asked when a decision would be made on the series, Lombardo said:

“We are anxiously awaiting a cut from Mr. Scorsese so we can greenlight the series. We’re set up to get going again in September but we’re waiting to get a cut of the pilot. By everything we’ve seen it’s fantastic, it’s big, it’s everything we’d hoped it’d be. It’s a tremendous cast with a tremendous writer.”

As most visitors to this site know by now, that “tremendous cast” is headed by Steve Buscemi, while the writer in question is Terence Winter.

Expect to hear more in September.