Buscemi wasn’t obvious but he was right…

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Journalist/critic Randee Dawn is a full-time entertainment writer for publications including The Hollywood Reporter, The Los Angeles Times, Moving Pictures Magazine and TODAYshow.com, among others. She sat down in New York to talk with Steve Buscemi about his role as Nucky Thompson in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

The actor knows he wasn’t the obvious actor to play Nucky Thompson, but he’s won a Golden Globe for the performance and is a strong Emmy contender.

This is how low-key Steve Buscemi is in real life: He can enter the Cupping Room CafĂ© in New York’s Soho district and initially go unnoticed even by someone keeping an eye out for him. Hard to imagine such anonymity for a man who has appeared in dozens of movies since the 1980s and who is currently starring in one of HBO’s critically acclaimed new series, “Boardwalk Empire.”

Eventually, he finds who he’s looking for and takes a seat, speaking softly and thoughtfully. “I’ve had people, strangers, after I get to talk to them a little bit, say, ‘Oh, you’re calmer than the characters you play,’ or something like that,” he says. “But I don’t know what characters they’re referring to.”

via Steve Buscemi: For ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ Steve Buscemi wasn’t obvious but he was right via the LA Times.