‘Going Nucky’ to create a ‘Breakroom Empire’

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I decided to “go Nucky.”

For five full days leading up to last night’s show, “Home” – which we’ll get to shortly – CNN.com’s breakroom became my version of Atlantic City. “Going Nucky” meant nothing came in or went out without me getting a piece of the action. The breakroom fridge, vending machines, the microwaves and that trusty little condiment station next to the coffee pots were all under my jurisdiction. It would take the staff some time to adjust, but in five business days, I was going to have my “Breakroom Empire.”

Although things admittedly got a little testy after a co-worker noticed my handwritten, prohibition-style price hike on the soda machine, I made it through the week without any major incidents. Well, there was the note from HR conveniently posted on the breakroom bulletin board about corporate policy on “extortion,” but all’s fair in the name of Halloween fun right?

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