Publishers Weekly Picture of the Day

Filed under: Top Stories — John B. Bryans @ 5:18 pm

I don’t think they archive the Picture of the Day, so by the time you visit Publishers Weekly on the web it may be gone — but it was very cool today to see they’d posted the photo of Tom Hogan Sr., Tom Hogan Jr., and me holding the check from HBO.

They did get one important fact wrong: Mark Wahlberg is an executive producer of Boardwalk Empire, but is not starring in it. The star, of course, is Steve Buscemi.

If you want to see the photo, it is posted on Tom Hogan Jr.’s Boardwalk Empire blog, with his June 11 post. Thanks to Laura Hegyi who took the photo and even cropped it to make us some of us look better. (Now, if she could just Photoshop a whole new look for me!)