EW Gives ‘Boardwalk Empire” a B+

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A big, enjoyably nasty piece of work, Boardwalk Empire zooms in on Atlantic City in the 1920s. Prohibition has just gone into effect, and the city’s corrupt treasurer — Steve Buscemi’s oily, funny, nihilistic, knobbykneed Nucky Thompson — is handing out favors and calling in markers right and left. [Entertainment Weekly]

Nucky Johnson: The Man Who Ran Atlantic City for 30 Years

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ATLANTIC CITY — No one has ever commanded this city quite like “Nucky.”

Enoch L. “Nucky” Johnson, who ran the town for 30 years, did so mostly through fear and charm. He captivated local residents with his style, gained their loyalty through his generosity and controlled them with his shrewdness. [pressofAtlanticCity.com]

Bring Back Prohibition!

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Believe it or not, I walked on a Boardwalk that took me back to my early childhood, except for the fact that there were no people walking in either direction. The storefronts on this boardwalk were of Atlantic City’s 1920 and ’30s era. The stores were open and even had merchandise within them. One of them blew me away. The sign on the window said, “Incubators.” (pressofAtlanticCity.com)

‘Boardwalk Empire’: New HBO Show Inspired By Book About Atlantic City Corruption

The idea for the new show comes from an unlikely source: a book written by a New Jersey  historian. [Huffington Post]