EW Gives ‘Boardwalk Empire” a B+

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A big, enjoyably nasty piece of work, Boardwalk Empire zooms in on Atlantic City in the 1920s. Prohibition has just gone into effect, and the city’s corrupt treasurer — Steve Buscemi’s oily, funny, nihilistic, knobbykneed Nucky Thompson — is handing out favors and calling in markers right and left. [Entertainment Weekly]

Hank Stuever Previews’Boardwalk Empire’

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A friend mentioned at dinner not long ago that she didn’t want to take vacations to places anymore; she wanted to take vacations in time.  Fantastic idea. Rather than look at last-minute hotel choices on Expedia.com, why not take five days off to revisit the wondrous banality of 1983, 1962, 1950? [The Washington Post]

“Boardwalk Empire” re-creates the heyday of Atlantic City.

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After “The Sopranos” ended its eight-year run on HBO, in 2007, the cable channel’s other programming had to suffer frequent unfavorable comparisons with that series. Over time, though, the droning voices of critics (this one among them) and unpaid viewers lamenting what seemed to be a fall from greatness have grown quieter. [The New Yorker]

Terence Winter Gives the Low-Down on Boardwalk Empire

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HBO spent a fortune on the pilot episode, up to building a recreation of the famed Atlantic City boardwalk circa 1920 in a Brooklyn parking lot. It’s the first episode of scripted television directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese in nearly 25 years (he did an episode of the ’80s anthology show “Amazing Stories”), and the first ongoing TV series where he’s consented to be a producer. The creator and showrunner is Terence Winter, who was David Chase’s number-two man on “The Sopranos” for most of that show’s run. [HitFix]

Buscemi: (Nucky) has a lot of humor and … wants to share the wealth.

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Buscemi said “This is one of the best parts I’ve ever had in my life…  To play a character who is ambitious, certainly has a dark side, but has a lot of humor and genuinely has a good heart and wants to share the wealth with the world.”

Martin Scorsese is the executive producer of the underworld story set in the 1920’s.  World War One had ended, women had the right to vote and prohibition was the law.

via “Boardwalk Empire” Premiers on HBO | newsplethora.org.

Boardwalk Empire is Finally Steve Buscemi’s Empire

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When “Boardwalk Empire” creator and executive producer Terence Winter called Steve Buscemi to tell him that he had landed the lead role in HBO’s new epic series about Atlantic City in the 1920s, the highly respected actor didn’t believe it; Winter had to break the news to him twice. [Los Angeles Times]

Boardwalk Empire: Steve Buscemi Brings the Pain in the Trailer…

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Craig Blankenhorn: I’ve written before on the subject of why Steve Buscemi deserves chunkier parts. And apparently the folks behind the forthcoming HBO show Boardwalk Empire — a brains trust that includes Martin Scorsese and Sopranos scribe Terence Winter — agree. Certainly Buscemi is front and center in the new trailer for the Prohibition-era gangster show in which he plays criminally-minded Atlantic City notable “Nucky” Johnson.  [Entertainment Weekly]

‘Boardwalk Empire’: New HBO Show Inspired By Book About Atlantic City Corruption

The idea for the new show comes from an unlikely source: a book written by a New Jersey  historian. [Huffington Post]