‘Boardwalk Empire’ Executive Producer Terence Winter Talks Going Back to the ’20s

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Before joining the writing staff of “The Sopranos,” Terence Winter had worked on such illustrious classics as “The New Adventures of Flipper,” “Sister, Sister” and “The Cosby Mysteries.” As soon as Winter joined “The Sopranos” in its second season, however, he proved to be one of the best writers other than creator David Chase at capturing the malaise-ridden mob world of that series. [LA Times]

HBO Heads Back to New Jersey

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Some narratives grow so large and amass such power that they become bulletproof. Such is the case with the conventional wisdom regarding cable TV’s big man on campus, HBO. The first is that the network hasn’t had a real series hit since The Sopranos ended in 2007. [Newsweek]

Terence Winter Gives the Low-Down on Boardwalk Empire

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HBO spent a fortune on the pilot episode, up to building a recreation of the famed Atlantic City boardwalk circa 1920 in a Brooklyn parking lot. It’s the first episode of scripted television directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese in nearly 25 years (he did an episode of the ’80s anthology show “Amazing Stories”), and the first ongoing TV series where he’s consented to be a producer. The creator and showrunner is Terence Winter, who was David Chase’s number-two man on “The Sopranos” for most of that show’s run. [HitFix]

Boardwalk Empire is Finally Steve Buscemi’s Empire

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When “Boardwalk Empire” creator and executive producer Terence Winter called Steve Buscemi to tell him that he had landed the lead role in HBO’s new epic series about Atlantic City in the 1920s, the highly respected actor didn’t believe it; Winter had to break the news to him twice. [Los Angeles Times]

The Inside Track on Boardwalk Empire

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HBO has announced that the premiere date for “Boardwalk Empire” will be Sept. 19. The paycaster’s marquee series for 2010 bears an award-winning pedigree. Oscar winner Martin Scorsese (“The Departed”) is executive producing the series about bootleggers in 1920s Atlantic City, while Terence Winter — who adapted Nelson Johnson’s novel of the same name…[The Envelope.com]