AC artist created cover art for “Boardwalk Empire” follow-up “The Northside.”

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ATLANTIC CITY – Tyrone L. Hart paints what he knows. Much of his work depicts churches, children and the lives of black men and women.

Tyrone L. Hart

Plexus Publishing Inc., of Medford Township, Burlington County, wanted to make use of both his skill as an artist and his knowledge as a man who spent most of his life living on the city’s north side.

Hart’s illustrations adorn the cover of “The Northside,” the second book about Atlantic City’s past from Nelson Johnson, whose first book, the New York Times bestseller “Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City,” has been adapted into an HBO series airing Sundays.

The new book, subtitled “African Americans and the Creation of Atlantic City,” is scheduled for release Nov. 29.