“The Emerald City” Review

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I like that the show has me guessing with Margaret at this point. I really cant say what she is going to do at any moment. I thought there was some chance that she was going to try and blow things for Nucky once she was up at the podium. But it was so much more interesting that she didnt. She got into that shit, only having her glimmer of guilt/doubt after Nucky failed to make eye contact with her afterward – which she clearly wanted him to. It seems that ignoring Margaret will likely be Nuckys failing in the long run, much as it is rapidly proving with Lucy. Cause when he applies some attention, Margaret is patently corruptible. Oh, why not have some champagne Margaret? Oh, its not technically lying if youre serving the greater good, Margaret. He just cant let her have those quiet moments alone to think. I thought that final bit with her looking in the mirror and “not recognizing herself,” call-backing to her conversation with half-faced Richard Harrow, was a little one-the-nose, but the point was taken.