Touched by Nucky

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By Amy S. Rosenberg
Inquirer Staff Writer

Nucky and Flossie

Nucky and Flossie

ATLANTIC CITY – A few weeks ago, as Boardwalk Empire anticipation reached a froth worthy of the surf that washes up whiskey bottles around Steve Buscemi’s feet, an idea was kicked around town.

“We’ll have a Nucky tour,” said Jeff Vasser, head of the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority. He was referring to former Atlantic County treasurer Enoch L. “Nucky” Johnson, renamed Thompson by HBO, who ruled Prohibition A.C. with a red carnation and a fist full of bills.

A little tricky, perhaps, in a place where so many 1920s landmarks have been torn down and where Nucky Johnson himself – imprisoned for tax evasion, known for a compassionate brand of corruption and gangster hospitality – is a beloved but dubious figure.

So far, and it’s early, no official Nucky tour has emerged. To help matters along, we offer our own best Nucky Tour, a fanciful trip through the world of Boardwalk Empire as it exists – or no longer exists, or, perhaps, never existed – in current-day Atlantic City.

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