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Nucky in Chicago

Nucky in Chicago

One of the pleasures of Boardwalk Empire has been how thoroughly and freely it has mixed historical and fictional people and events, without seeming bound to history or constrained by it… but it’s surprising how much history there was no need to change. The 1920 Republican National Convention, for instance, luckily was really held in Chicago, and in “Hold Me in Paradise,” that allowed a visiting Nucky to build alliances on a couple of fronts.

First, the political. We knew from history, or should have, that Senator Edge was not going to become President, so the question was (1) how his betrayal on the road project would affect Nucky and (2) would Nucky go to the convention and back a loser. As it turned out, Nucky found a solution to both issues, using the power of the New Jersey delegation not to help but to punish the backstabber. On top of that, he found a way to make himself particularly useful to the “imbecile” he realizes is bound to be elected…

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