Vince Giordano Leads ‘Empire Boardwalk’ Band

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Vince Giordano didn’t just record, with his band, the Nighthawks, much of the music on “Boardwalk Empire”. He also served as an invaluable historical resource.

Vince Giordano’s band, the Nighthawks, in "Boardwalk Empire"

… the music of “Boardwalk Empire” is really a hybrid form: “It was called rag-a-jazz. You’re just getting out of World War I, which was such a horrific event, and I think young people just said, “We’re going to have a good time,’… It was the baby steps of jazz.”

If the show is renewed for a second season or more and moves on later into the ’20s, Mr. Giordano assumes that the music will advance with it. He is greatly looking forward to incorporating the music of the bandleader Paul Whiteman, who became a fixture in Atlantic City starting in late 1920…

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